The Determination of Dissolved Total Fe by Flow Injection Analysis in Environmental Samples

  • Kim, Do Hoon (Medi-Chem Institute, KRD Co., Ltd.) ;
  • Takeda, Kazuhiko (Faculty of Integrated of Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University) ;
  • Sakugawa, Hiroshi (Faculty of Integrated of Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University) ;
  • Lee, Jin Sik (Department of Chemistry, Kyungsung University)
  • Received : 2001.09.05
  • Published : 2001.12.25


There has been an increasing need for analytical methods of dissolved total iron (tFe) that are highly sensitive, rapid, inexpensive and simple for environmental samples. A sensitive flow injection analysis (FIA) method for determining the concentration of tFe in environmental samples was developed. The proposed method required 10 minutes and only $500{\mu}L$ of sample for and analysis. The standard deviation was 5.0% at $0.5{\mu}gL^{-1}$ (n=6), and the detection limit was $0.075{\mu}gL^{-1}$. The developed method was applied to environmental samples such as tap water, mineral water, rain, snow and cloud water. Since this FIA system was free form interferences of coexisting ions commonly found in samples, sub-${\mu}gL^{-1}$ level of tFe could be easily determined without further preconcentration and separation.


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