Surface Characterization of Al Coated Steel Treated with Cerium Nitrate

Ce화합물로 표면처리한 Al도금강판의 표면 분석 연구

  • Lee, Do-Hyung (Advanced Analytical Laboratory, Research Institute of Industrial science and Technology)
  • 이도형 (포항산업과학연구원 재료물성분석팀)
  • Received : 2001.09.27
  • Published : 2001.12.25


In this study, cerium nitrate was used as an alternative to chromate for the surface-treatment of Al coated steel to improve the corrosion resistance. The surface of Al coated steel was characterized by means of a X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy(XPS). It was found that cerium on the surface of Al coated steel had a mixture of oxidation states such as Ce(+4) and Ce(+3), and the relative concentration of each state was 57 % and 43 %, respectively. The surface film consisting of these cerium compounds played an important role for achieving the corrosion resistance of Al coated steel.


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