Dippy Time Dependence of Transmittance Edge and Half Point in the UV cut lens' manufacture

UV 차단렌즈의 제작에서 광 투과율 Edge 및 Half Point의 Dippy 시간의존성

  • Published : 2001.06.30


It was measured the transmittance and the reflectance by tie dip method using the UV cut lens' UV solution. The half point and the edge wavelength of the transmittance were wry well applied to the eqution of a dip time dependence. $$W=W_0+A_1{e}{x}{p}[-(x-x_1)/t_1]$$ The half point wavelength of the transmittance shifted from 358 nm to 408 nm and the edge wavelength moved from 340 nm to 398 nm. The more dip time had long the less intensity of main reflectance peak-380 nm was small and shifted to long wavelength regions. And the component peak of UV solution began to show in dip time-10 min.



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