An Improvement for Determining Response Modification Factor in Bridge Load Rating

응력보정계수 산정 방법 개선

  • Received : 2000.11.28
  • Published : 2001.01.31


Bridge load rating calculations provide a basis for determining the safe load capacity of bridge. Load rating requires engineering judgement in determining a rating value that is applicable to maintaining the safe use of the bridge and arriving at posting and permit decisions. Load testing is an effective means in calculating the rating value of bridge. In Korea, load carrying capacity of bridge is modified by response modification factor that is determined from comparisons of measured values and analysis results. The response modification factor may be corrupted by vehicle location error that is defined as the gap of test vehicle location between load testing and analysis. In this study, the effects of vehicle location error to structural response and response modification factor are investigated, and a new method for evaluating response modification factor is proposed. The random data analysis shows that the proposed method is less sensitive to vehicle location error than the present method.