Fabrication and Experiment of Micro Particle Manipulator

미세 입자 조작 기구의 제작 및 실험

  • Published : 2001.03.01


A micro particle manipulator, which is devised for trapping particles at fixed positions by negative dielectrophoretic force (DEP force), has been fabricated and experimented. It is composed of square type electrode arrays fabricated by nickel electroplating with the height of 28 ${\mu}m$. To improve the quality of electroplated nickel electrodes, plating conditions have been optimized. Micro particles used in this study are polystyrene spheres and their to the specific position and trapped. The DEP force along the moving path of the particles has been estimated by the motion equation of a single particle. The displacement of a particle with an elapsed time was measured using a high-speed camera (1000 frames/sec). The velocity and acceleration of the particle were calculated from the measured data. The DEP force acting on the particle was estimated.


micro paticle manipulator;dielectrophoretic force(DEP force);nickel electroplating;polystyrene spheres


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