A Study on the Pulse Peak Voltage and Cascading Ratio of Compact Pulse Generator using Cascading Method

Cascading 방식을 적용한 펄스발생기의 펄스전압 변성 및 Cascading 비율 특성

  • Published : 2001.07.01


The pulsed poser system has been widely used to many applications, such as E/P(Electrostatic Precipitator), DeNox/DeSOx power system, ozon generator, etc. A pulse energy efficiency for load depends on the rising time, peak value, pulse duration and impedance matching, etc. The pulse generator generally required for short pusle duration and high peak value was forced to consider its volume and economy. In this study, developing a compact pulse generator that applied for cascading method to be made of two pulse transformers, we compared cascading voltage with non cascading one by applying the pulse energy to load. Adopting cascading technique to pulse transformer, we found that average cascading voltage was about 60[%] of theoretical value. Maximum cascading ratio was calculated at 60 times compared with non cascading voltage.


impedance matching;peak value;pulse generator;pulse transformer;cascading voltage;non cascading voltage;cascading ratio


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