A Research on the Interactions in Practice of the Nurses’ College Students in the Nursing College

일 대학 간호대학생의 병실에서의 상호작용

  • Published : 2001.12.01


To understand the types of interactions between the nurses' college students and patients, this research used Spradley's Cultural Description Method to carry out his eleven- stage research conduct process : participatory observation, cultural description recording, descriptive observation, category analysis, focus observation, classification analysis, selective observation, components analysis, cultural themes, cultural discovery, and cultural description writing. The research participants were 7 nurses' college students practising at the hospital affiliated to E university, and data were collected from May 2000 through primary and secondary in-depth interviews and observations. The cultural characteristics of the subjects extracted from these results were as follows : 1. The students learned through contacts with patients. 2. The students experienced "Sharing" through interactions with patients. 3. The students showed evasive behaviors in difficult situations. 4. The students paltered when faced with difficult situations. 5. The students did not surrender to the refusals of patients. 6. The students identified their studentship. 7. The students regarded human interaction as 'contact'.