Safety Evaluation in Mice of Cereals Infected with Fusarium graninearum

붉은곰팡이병에 감염된 맥류의 실험동물에 대한 안전성 평가

  • 이제봉 (농업과학기술원 농약안전성과) ;
  • 정미혜 (농업과학기술원 농약안전성과) ;
  • 성하정 (농업과학기술원 농약안전성과) ;
  • 이해근 (농업과학기술원 농약안전성과) ;
  • 오병렬 (농업과학기술원 농약안전성과)
  • Published : 2001.12.31


In order to investigate the harmful effects of Fusarium, producing mycotoxins, contaminated cereals, two months feeding study was carried out in SPF-ICR mice. Mice diets were incorporated with 30% Fusarium infected wheat, nepal barley or barley. The wheat was processed to flour. The nepal barley and barley were polished by 68% and 58%, respectively. The cereal incorporating amount in mice diet were 0, 10, 30 and 50% for each processed cereal. Five week-old mice were fed with the prepared diet for 2 months. The effects of Fusarium contaminated cereals on the mice were observed after the feeding. The rates of body weight gain, diet and water consumption were not changed. There were no significant changes on hematology, blood biochemistry, gross and histopathological evaluation, organ weights in all treatment groups. These results suggest that the diets have no deleterious effects to ICR mice.


Fusarium;mycotoxin;safety evaluation