Solvolyses of N-Methyl-N-phenylcarbamoyl Chlorides with Electron Acceptor Substituents in A Queous Binary Mixtures

  • Published : 20010800


Solvolyses of N-methyl-N-phenylcarbamoyl chlorides in aqueous binary mixtures of acetone, ethanol, methanol and in water, D2O, and 50% D2O-CH3OD are investigated at 25.0 $^{\circ}C.$ The Grunwald-Winstein plots of first-ord er rate constants for N-methyl-N-phenylcarbamoyl chlorides with YCl (based on 2-adamantyl chloride) show a dispersion phenomenon. The ring parameter (I) has been shown to give considerable improvement when it is added as an hI term to the original Grunwald-Winstein and extended Grunwald-Winstein correlations for the solvolyses of N-methyl-N-phenylcarbamoyl chlorides. This study has shown that the magnitude of l, m and h values associated with a change of solvent composition is able to predict the dissociative SN2 transition state. The kinetic solvent isotope effects determined in deuterated water are consistent with the proposed mechanism of the general base catalyzed and/or a dissociative SN2 mechanism channel for N-methyl-N-phenylcarbamoyl chlorides solvolyses.


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