Simulations of Two-Dimensional Electronic Correlation Spectra

  • Published : 20010800


Two-dimensional (2D) correlation method, which generates the synchronous and the asynchronous 2D spectrum by complex cross correlation of the Fourier transformed spectra, is an analysis method for the changes of the sample spectrum induced by vari ous perturbations. In the present work, the 2D electronic correlation spectra have been simulated for the cases where the sample spectrum composed of two gaussian bands changes linearly. When only the band amplitudes of the sample spectrum change, the synchronous spectrum shows strong peaks at the band centers of the sample spectrum, but the asynchronous spectrum does not make peaks. When the sample spectrum shifts without changing intensity and width, the synchronous spectrum shows peaks around the initial and final positions of the band maximum and the asynchronous spectrum shows long peaks spanning the shifting range. The band width change produces the complex 2D correlation spectra. When the sample spectrum shifts with band broadening, the width change by 50% of full width at half maximum (FWHM) does not give so large an effect on the correlation spectrum as the spectral shift by one half of FWHM of the sample spectrum.


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