An Assessment of Electric Shock Hazard by Safety Criteria Using Graphical Method

그래프법을 이용한 안전기준에 의한 감전위험성 평가

  • Published : 2001.09.01


This paper presents a graphical method for hazard assessment of electric shock by safety criteria. For the human body to be safety actual body current should not exceed safety criteria, i.e. allowable body current. The assessment method presented in this paper is based m the safety criteria of the IEEE Standard 80 as well as the IEC 479-1. The hazard can be assessed in terms of alterable touch voltages instead of alterable body current. Thus, the hazard assessment of given electric shock condition is referred to a procedure by which the actual touch voltages are compared with the allowable (safe) touch voltages. Since the IEC 479-1 safety criteria are nonlinear, the graphical method is presented for the hazard assessment. Body current and body voltage are calculated with the allowable touch voltage. A comparison of the safety criteria of two widely accepted standards, i.e. the IEEE Std 80 End the IEC 479-1 is proposed. Also Thevenin equivalent resistance is obtained from electric shock model expressed by two-port earth-grid-foot system. On the basis of calculated results, the allowable touch voltage, the body current and the body voltage we can conduct the hazard or safety assessment and estimate the severity of electric shock.