A Proposed method of the Strength Calculation of Pipe Support

파이프 서포트의 내력 산정 방안

  • Published : 2001.03.01


Even though there is a guideline for the required strength of pipe support in inspection, it does not mean the nominal strength which can be used for the form work design. And, Concrete Specification defines that the pipe support should be designed according to the steel design guidelines but the design details are not provided, such as buckling length and the sectional modulus, etc. For the better prediction of strength of pipe support, the slenderness ratio of support which reflects the boundary condition should be considered. In this paper, the elastic buckling formula based on the slenderness is derived. The formula contains the strength reduction factor that consider the strength deduction caused by initial lateral deformation and is 0.65 consistently regardless of boundary conditions. And the coefficient of effective buckling length is calculated from the experiment.