Improvable Characteristics of Clay Layers with Time Lapse

시간경과에 따른 점토 지반의 개량 특성

  • 이준대 (세명대학교 토목공학과)
  • Published : 2001.03.01


Constructions on the soft clay layer of low strength and high compression bring out many problems. Recent studies show that strength of the soft clay layer could be substantially improved by mixing quicklime. For the purpose, a series of uniaxial compression tests were performed, using quicklime, in order to analyze strength characteristics. The major test results are summarized following : When water content is 90%, the strength is observed to precipitously increase between 3~14 days, then, the extent slowly increase in relative terms. When water content is 130%, the strength is observed to precipitously increase up to 28 days. When the strength of water content 90% is compared to that of water content 130%, the initial strength of the former is higher than that of the latter. The analyses show that the improvement of soft clay layers can be realized by the mixture of both quicklime and sand, and by the mixture of quicklime only.