A Model for Community Based Mother Infant Care Center - TMIC(transitional mother infant care center) using a Sanhujoriwon -

산후조리원의 모자건강관리 현황과 제도화방안 - 지역사회중심의 모자건강관리센터(TMIC) 개발을 위한 전략 -

  • 유은광 (한양대학교 간호학과, 한국산후조리연구회) ;
  • 안영미 (인하대학교 간호학과, 한국산후조리연구회)
  • Published : 2001.10.01


The purpose of this study was 1) analyze the current state of Sanhojoriwon; and 2) to suggest the new model for the community based mother infants health care delivery system: strategies of TMIC are related to Public Health policy, cost-effectiveness, mother infant care provision of medical professionalism, and so on. Method: Forty-seven workers from seventeen Sanhojoriwon participated to analyze several aspects of Sanhojoriwon. Using a questionnaire developed at Korean Sanhojori Research Forum (KSARF), such as the traditional and medical concept of the Sanhojori, postpartum care, Korean traditional postpartum care, job description on women and infant care at Sanhojoriwon, professional management, health care policy and the educational need. Results: Based on the descriptive study results, the TMIC, the community based transitional mother infants care center was suggested as a new model for the cyclic public health care system related on the reproductive health, using an already existing related center, Sanhojoriwon. Also, several strategies were presented on the TMIC.