A Study on Equitable Pricing Models for E-journals through an Analysis of the Current Pricing Systems

전자저널의 가격모형과 가격책정 현황에 관한 연구

  • 신은자 (세종대학교 신문방송학과)
  • Published : 2001.06.01


Pricing for e-journals has become more complex than before-certainly much more complex than print pricing has ever been. E-journals charge either a fiat fee based on print, user, library size, usage, and combination. A survey of publisher's pricing structure found that print based model is popular followed by user based model. The current pricing situation is far from equitable and can be improved if publishers can be coerced to change their pricing practices. This study focus on a number of possible pricing models that may supplement and/or possibly replace the current print based model. With the possibility that its pricing will eventually be based strictly according to usage, may lead to the most equitable pricing model as well as the most efficient use of society's resources. Libraries can alleviate the pricing problem by encouraging library organizations and university consortia to exploit their potential monopoly power into a bilateral monopoly situation.


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  2. 한국문헌정보학회 학술발표논집 11집 전자저널 가격정책의 최근동향에 관한 고찰 신은자
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