Interpretation of Morphology and Rubber-Phase Particle Size Distribution of High Impact Polystyrene

내충격성 폴리스티렌의 형태구조 및 고무상 입도분포 해석

  • Published : 2001.09.01


One of the most important factors which affect the impact strength of high impact polystyrene (HIPS) is the rubber-phase particle size and size distribution. In this study, HIPS was prepared from a batch reactor to observe the influence of reaction conditions such as rubber content, agitation speed and prepolymerization time on the particle size and size distribution. Measurements concerning the particle size distribution were conducted using a particle size analyzer. Due to swelling, the particle suspended in toluene increases in size with lower heat-treatment temperature and shorter heat-treatment time, while the particle in methyl ethyl ketone shows quite reasonable size without any effort of heat-treatment. As rubber content increases, the average particle size increases substantially, but the increase in agitation speed at lower rubber contents does not have much influence on the size. However, the polystyrene-phase particles occluded in rubber-phase become more uniform as agitation speed increases. Longer prepolymerization time produces rubber-phase particles with narrower particle size distribution.


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