The Simulation and Research of Information for Space Craft(Autonomous Spacecraft Health Monitoring/Data Validation Control Systems)

  • Kim, H (Department of Electronic Engineering, Hankyong National University) ;
  • Jhonson, R. (Member of the FSI) ;
  • Zalewski, D. (Member of the FSI) ;
  • Qu, Z. (Member of the FSI) ;
  • Durrance, S.T. (Member of the FSI) ;
  • Ham, C. (Member of the FSI)
  • Published : 2001.12.01


Space systems are operating in a changing and uncertain space environment and are desired to have autonomous capability for long periods of time without frequent telecommunications from the ground station At the same time. requirements for new set of projects/systems calling for ""autonomous"" operations for long unattended periods of time are emerging. Since, by the nature of space systems, it is desired that they perform their mission flawlessly and also it is of extreme importance to have fault-tolerant sensor/actuator sub-systems for the purpose of validating science measurement data for the mission success. Technology innovations attendant on autonomous data validation and health monitoring are articulated for a growing class of autonomous operations of space systems. The greatest need is on focus research effort to the development of a new class of fault-tolerant space systems such as attitude actuators and sensors as well as validation of measurement data from scientific instruments. The characterization for the next step in evolving the existing control processes to an autonomous posture is to embed intelligence into actively control. modify parameters and select sensor/actuator subsystems based on statistical parameters of the measurement errors in real-time. This research focuses on the identification/demonstration of critical technology innovations that will be applied to Autonomous Spacecraft Health Monitoring/Data Validation Control Systems (ASHMDVCS). Systems (ASHMDVCS).


Autonomous spacecraft health monitoring/data validation control systems(ASHMDVCS);High fidelity dynamic model-based si mutations(HFDMS );Electro-mechanic at solenoid valves(EMSV)