Transmitted Noise Reduction of Piezoelectric Smart Panels using Passive/Active Method in Wide Range frequency

수동/능동적 방법을 혼용한 압전지능패널의 광대역 전달 소음저감성능

  • Published : 2001.12.01


In this paper, the transmitted noise reduction performance of piezoelectric smart panels is experimentally studied. The proposed piezoelectric smart panels are comprised of plate structure on which piezoelectric sensor/actuators are bonded and sound absorbing material is provided. It is a combination of passive and active approaches utilizing a passive effect at high frequencies and an active effect at low frequencies. To prove the concept of piezoelectric smart panels, an acoustic measurement experiment is performed. An acoustic tunnel is designed and its acoustic characteristics are tested. Below 800Hz, the tunnel exhibits a plane wave guide characteristics. When an absorbing material is bonded on a single plate, a remarkable transmitted noise reduction in mid frequency range is observed except the first resonance frequency. By enabling the active control of single smart panel with negative feedback control. about 10dB noise reduction is achieved at the resonance frequencies. The double smart panel got 4dB at the first resonance frequency and has more potential to reduce the transmitted noise in a wide range frequency. Piezoelectric smart panels incorporating passive absorbing material and active piezoelectric devices is a promising technology for noise reduction in a wide range frequency.