Analyses on the Behaviour of Ocean Structure Due to Ship Collision

선박의 충돌로 인한 해양구조물의 거동 해석

  • 이호영 (목포대학교 공과대학 선박해양공학과) ;
  • 박종환 (목포대학교 공과대학 선박해양공학과) ;
  • 곽영기 (목포대학교 공과대학 선박해양공학과)
  • Published : 2001.11.01


The simulation of motion responses of a dolphin-moored ocean structure in shallow water when it cllides with a ship, has been carried out. The equation of motion in the time domain according to Cummin's theory is employed, and solved by making use of the Newmark-${\beta}$ method. The added mass and damping coefficients involved in the equations are abtained from a three-dimensional panel method in the frequency domain. The impact forces due to ship collision are calculated using both the elastic and non-elastic modelings. The mooring forces for dolphin systems of ocean structure are regarded as linear spring forces.


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