Single Dose Toxicity Studies of the Bamboo Salt (Jukyum) in rats

죽염에 대한 단회투여 독성시험연구

  • Published : 2001.12.01


Though the bamboo salt, called as "JUKYUM" has been widely used in Korea as panacea, it's toxicity were not screened completely. To investigate the toxicity of bamboo salt, we compared with the toxicity of crude salt and reagent-grade NaCl by performing single dose oral toxicity test in SD rats. Crude salt, natural sun-dried salt (crude salt) production, was purchased from the western seashore of Korean peninsular, and reagent-grade NaCl was purchased from Sigma company. Results of the single dose oral toxicity tests on bamboo salt, crude salt and reagent-grade NaCl to SD rats are as follows, $LD_{50}$ of bamboo salt was 4174mg/kg (male) and 4074mg/kg (female), that of crude salt was 4871mg/kg (male) and 4898mg/kg (female) and that of reagent-grade NaCl was 4247mg/kg (male) and 4025mg/kg (female), respectively. There were little differences in clinical signs and gross legions among groups. Finding of gross autopsy and necropsy of bamboo salt treated group were similar to other groups.


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