Optimal Design of Linear Quadratic Regulator Restrict Maximum Responses of Building Structures Subject to Stochastic Excitation

확률적 가진입력을 받는 건축구조물의 최대응답 제한을 위한 선형이차안정기의 최적설계

  • Published : 2001.12.01


In this research, a controller design method based on optimization is proposed that can satisfy constraints on maximum responses of building structures subject to around excitation modeled by partially stochastic process. The class of controllers to be optimized is restricted to LQR. Weighting matrix on controlled outputs is used as design variable. Objective function, constraint functions and their gradients are computed by the parameterization of control gain with Riccati matrix. Full state feedback controllers designed by proposed optimization method satisfy various design objectives and their necessary maximum control forces are computed for the production of actuator. LQG controllers composed of Kalman filter and LQR designed by proposed method perform well with little deterioration. So it is possible to design output feedback controllers satisfying constraints on various maximum responses of structures.


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