The Study of the Robustness Analysis of the autopilot for the UAV

무인항공기 자동조종장치의 강건성 해석에 관한 연구

  • Lim, Ho (Dept. of Electronic, Sungnam Polytechnic College) ;
  • Kim, Ki-Yeol (Dept. of Computer Control, Bucheon College) ;
  • Kim, Ho (Dept. of Computer Control, Bucheon College)
  • 임호 (성남기능대학 전자과) ;
  • 김기열 (부천대학 컴퓨터제어과) ;
  • 김호 (부천대학 컴퓨터제어과)
  • Published : 2001.09.01


In this paper, we proposed an autopilot of the unmanned piloted vehicle to guide to the specific position and analyzed robustness of the designed autopilot. We divide an aircraft velocity into the three case which are low, crusing and high speed, and designed autopilot gains are gain scheduled. We generated the turbulence for the operational altitudes and analyzed performance of the autopilot about it. We proved robustness of the designed autopilot for the turbulence and gust using simulation.