A Study on Leadership Roles Based on Information Technology

정보기술을 바탕으로 한 지도력의 역할에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.09.01


Information technology leadership roles have undergone fundamental change over the past decade. Despite increase interest in recent years, little empirical research on Information Technology has been done. This paper suggests results from a survey in Korea on Information Technology. The survey collected data on general leadership roles such as information roles, decisional role and interpersonal role, as well as on specific Information Technology leadership roles such as planning leader, R&D manager, general manager, chief operating strategist. The role of a change leader is positively influenced by the number of years, the extent of strategic responsibility and the organization's revenue while it is negatively influenced by the number of years in the current position. R&D manager can be predicted by strategic responsibility and chief executive's IT use, Manager can be predicted by the extent of strategic responsibility. Although several significant predictors of Information Technology leadership roles were identified, the more signigicant study should continue in the future.