A Development of Distributed Dual Real-Time Kernel System

분산 이중 실시간 커널 시스템의 개발

  • Published : 2001.06.01


In this paper, we present the development of distributed dual real-time kernel system. This paper proposed that real-time applications should be split into small and simple parts with real-time constraints, Following this concept we have designed to preserve the properties of both hard real-time kernel and general kernel. To satisfy these properties, we designed real-time kernel and general kernel, that have their different properties. In real-time tasks, interrupt processing should be un. In general kernel, non real-time tasks or general tasks are run. We compared the results of this study for performance of the proposal real-time kernel with both RT Linux 0.5a and QNX 4.23A, that is, of interrupt latency scheduling precision and message passing.