Performance Improvement of Stereo Acoustic Echo Canceler Using Gram-Schmidt Orthogonality Principle

그람-슈미트 (Gram-Schmidt) 직교원리를 이용한 스테레오 음향 반향 제거기의 성능향상

  • 김현태 (부산·울산지방 중소기업청) ;
  • 박장식 (동의공업대학 영상정보처리과) ;
  • 손경식 (부산대학교 전자공학과)
  • Published : 2001.07.01


In stereo acoustic echo canceller scheme, coefficients of adaptive filter converge very slowly or misconverge to real acoustic echo path in receiving room. This is due to cross-correlation in stereo signals. In this paper, a new preprocess algorithm is proposed to improve the performance of stereo AEC(acoustic echo canceller) without computational burden. The proposed algorithm reduces cross-correlation using Gram-Schmidt orthogonality principles and nonlinear filtering. Computer simulations demonstrate that this algorithm performs well compared to conventional ones. When the acoustic path of transmitting room is changed, stereo AEC using proposed algorithm is well performed.


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