Improvement of the Fishing Gear and Fishing Method of the East-Sea Trawl Fishery

동해구 트롤 어구어법의 개량

  • Published : 2001.05.01


A serious of studies on the fishing gear and system of the East Sea trawl fishery was carried out to improve the fishing efficiency and the working conditions. As the first step of these studies, the fishing gear and system of the traditional East Sea trawl were checked in order to solve the some problems, such as the poor sheering efficiency of net mouth, the inconvenient fishing system of the side trawl and etc. And then the fishing system was reorganized from the side trawl into the stern trawl by setting up the net drum system on the stern deck, and introduction of two types of new designed nets, one for mainly the midwater trawl and the other for the bottom trawl. The results of the field experiment on the modified system and nets can be summarized as follows : 1. the modified system was well worked and could save the man-labour by about 80%. 2. The sheering efficiency of the improved net, A type was improved to 20 m height and 30 m width in the net mouth, and that of B type net, to 10 m height and 33 m width, compared with 1.5 m height and 15 m width in the traditional net. 3. Catch efficiency of pink shrimp in A or B type net was better about 3 or 5 times than that of traditional net, and in B net, for herring and other bottom fishes is better about 2 times than that of the traditional net.



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