Adolescents' Behaviors on Fashion Adoption - with Reference to Clothing Involvement -

청소년의 유행채택 행동 - 의복관여의 관점에서 -

  • 구은영 (경북대학교 가정교육과 대학원) ;
  • 조필교 (경북대학교 가정교육과 대학원)
  • Published : 2001.08.01


This study focuses on fashion adoption behavior of adolescents. The impact of their clothing involvement factors and socio-demographic factors on their fashion adoption behavior was examined. Three core issues were identified for empirical test: 1) Elements of clothing involvement for adolescents; 2) Fashion adoption behavior of adolescents; 3) Impact of clothing involvement elements on fashion adoption behavior. The Likert Type questionnaires were used to measure clothing involvement and fashion adoption behavior. The data of 472 samples drawn from middle and high school students in Taegu Metropolitan City were analyzed by factor analysis, ANOVA, Scheff test, t-test and regression analysis. Main results of the study are as follows. 1 . Concept of the clothing involvement is composed of five dimensions: importance, fashion, self-expression, pleasure, and buying risk. 2. Socio-demographic factors do influence fashion adoption behavior. Average monthly pocket money, expenditures on clothes and household income are found to have statistically significant impacts on the adoption behavior. Female students are more fashion-oriented than male students. 3. The clothing involvement elements are found to have significant influences on fashion adoption behavior: fashion, importance and self-expression elements on fashion innovation; fashion, importance and pleasure elements on fashion information search.