A Study on the Strategy in the Application of Advertisement Properties - Focused on the Advertisement in Magazine -

광고에 등장하는 소품(小品, Props)의 표현전략에 관한 연구 - 잡지 광고를 중심으로 -

  • 전종경 (창원전문대학 산업디자인계열 산업디자인과)
  • Published : 2001.08.01


The design on magazine advertisement has been developed and investigated in various fields, but the matter of properties has been inattentive in advertisement. Therefore, this study is to clarify the role of advertisement properties and the application tendency of it through the case study of the magazines for woman in Korea, and to analyze the relationship among the characteristic of manufactured goods for advertising, visual effects, copy-writing and the advertisement properties. The results of the study are as follows ; 1 . It is important to choose the discriminative property compared to the competitive company and to consider the purpose of advertisement from the beginning of idea developing. 2. Leading the photo artist to the photo working corresponding to the purpose of advertisement is critical point in advertisement design process. 3. After the photographing, it should be investigated from the designer's point of view. The presentation strategies on the application of advertisement properties are as follows, ·Conform the subject of advertisement massage. ·Choose the advertisement properties considered the relationship between manufactured goods for advertising and properties. ·Consider the properties as the supporting tool in bringing manufactured goods for advertising into relief. The pertinent application of advertisement properties is able to attract public attention and to increase the worthy of advertisement. Therefore, the prudent trial and experiment on it is needed.