A study of characteristics and historical backgroud of modem furniture design in Italy

이탈리아 현대 가구디자인의 특성 및 그 배경 -1945년부터 현재를 중심으로-

  • Published : 2001.02.01


It can be said that Italian designs are unrestrained, aesthetic and art for arts sake, and they come to stylize their character based on geographical features, racial traits and culture. The Italian architects work for the reconstruction of their devastated country and spare no pains to produce competitive goods on international markets since the second wend war. In spite of a inherent scarcity of resources, Italian furniture is the product of mixture of aesthetic material and new material with creative gifts. A lot of companies succeed in finding and training capable designers and devote themselves to modem furniture industry. As a result, Italy becomes one of the worlds most eminent furniture industrial countries now. And the fame is owed to Italy's national awareness of the importance of the matter and endeavor without sparing systematic support. This research is to find out which factors have an influence on the progress of furniture design in Italy and to analyze how these factors build up formative arts combining with historical background in Italy. Moreover, this research suggests how to make contributions to the cause of furniture design growth when considering our geographical features, racial characteristics, culture and industrial circumstances, by analyzing the process of development and strategy in Italian design industry.