The Perception and Consumption Pattern of Broiler Chicken in Korea

닭고기에 대한 소비자 인식도 및 소비형태에 관한 연구

  • 김종원 (연암축산원예대학 축산학부) ;
  • 박승용 (연암축산원예대학 축산학부)
  • Published : 2001.12.01


The most prevailing consumption pattern of chicken was "Buy fresh and cook at home (79.8%)". The frequency of eating chicken dish was about "Twice a month". Total average of degree of Preference is "2.30". It is very much close to "Like (2.0)" rather than "Average (3.0)". The degree of preference of chicken decrease as the age increase. About 30% of the housewives have the experience of buying chicken "Cut-up". But "Whole chicken (79.7%)" was still used mostly for chicken dish at home. As the education background improves or living expense increases, housewives purchase chicken "Cup-up" more frequently. The major criteria in purchasing chicken was "Hygiene (67.4%)""Quality (55.2%), "Expiration date (36.7%)" follows next. The groups of ′Above 50 years′, ′Graduate school′ and ′More than 3 million won′show greater interest about "Health" than any other groups. Major chicken dish at home in Korea was "Chopped hot chicken (70.7%)". "Boiled chicken soup (43.2%) \" and "Ginseng chicken soup (39.3%)" follows next. "Order for delivery (57.4%)" increased rapidly for chicken consumption. Croup of ′20~30 years′ order chickens for delivery more frequently than other groups. But as the age of housewives increases, they cook at home more frequently. The most preferred chicken dish for dining-out were "Fried chicken (69.4%)" and "Spicy chicken (57.4%)". The preference of Korean traditional dish for dining out was decreasing except "Chuncheon chicken rib (14.2%)".2%)".


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