A New and An Unkwon Species of Geocenamus (Nematoda: Belonolaimidae) from Korea

韓國産 여섯줄 萎縮線蟲屬(Geocenamus )의 1新種 및 1 味記錄種

  • Choi Young-Eoun (Department of Agricultural Biology, College of Agriculture, Kyungpook National University) ;
  • Kyung-Nyun Kim (Department of Agricultural Biology, Graduate school, Kyungpook National Univeresity)
  • Published : 2001.03.01


A new species, Geocenamus seonunensis n. sp. and an unknown species, Geocenamus processes (Siddiqi, 1979) Brzeski, 1991 were newly reported from Korea. The Korean specimens closely related to G. myungsugae Choi & Geraert, 1993 but differ from G. myungsugae in having; Lip region set off by constriction and much longer stylet (Lp region is button-like , set off, stylet 22~$27{\mu}$m in G. myungsugae). It further differs from G. tumensis (Skwiercz, 1984) Brzeski, 1991 in having spermatheca rounded, stylet much longer, from G. superbus (Allen, 1955) Fortuner & Luc, 1990 in having tail terminus annulated, from G. brevicaudatus (Peng & Hunt, 1995) Brzeski, 1998 in having much longer stylet, from G. longus (Wu, 1969) Tarjan, 1973. in having smaller number of longitudinal striae. Another Korean specimens are well corresponded with Geocenamus processus (Siddiqi, 1979) Brzeski, 1991 ex- cept male tail tip which is not flagellum-like.