Theory and Practice of Cover Crops Growing in Orchard

과수원 피복작물 재배의 이론과 실제

  • 송기철 (농촌진흥원 원예연구소)
  • Published : 2001.12.01


To carry out the Integrated Fruit Production(IFP), researches on cover crops as well the Integrated Pest Management(IPM) and the Integrated Nutrition Management(INM) should be very important. These concepts are neither clear nor connective till now. The researches on cover crops in Europe and USA are being kept within the category of IFP. Main researches on fruit trees for sustainable agriculture in Italy are new variety creation, development of growing techniques, pest and disease control, and cover crops management, etc. It is necessary of fruit industry in Korea to maintain good quality and taco-friendly fruit production. For this goal, we need international cooperation with highly developed countries in Europe. In first step, we should enlarge research areas and analyze results obtained to get farmers understood the concept of cover crop growing, Furthermore, we make researches more profoundly on cover crops growing considering tree age, mixing rates among cover crops, seeding and cutting time for cover crops, and so on. Researchers, specialists of agricultural extensions, and farmers should concentrate their opinions and conduct IFP together. The IFP should go on systematically and reach finally to get certificates internationally by the International Organization for Biological and integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants(IOBC) to enhance selling and exporting fruits.