Development of Expert System to Diagnose and Monitor 765KV Power Apparatus in On-line Condition

765KV 변전설비 운전중 상태감시 및 진단을 위한 전문가시스템 개발

  • Published : 2001.11.01


In this paper, we described the export system to monitor and diagnose 765KV power apparatus. To develop this expert system, we studied the knowledge bases and data bases for 765KV transformer and GIS. In order to make the reliable inference of knowledge base and the good MMI(Man Machine Interface), the data bases were consisted of the tables of power apparatus information, limit level value, measured input data, inference result and diagnosis result. The knowledge base had various rules to infer the conditions of transformer and GIS. We applied both the forward chaining and backward chaining methods to these rules of system for good inferences. This paper describes the applied methods for expert system. Also, this developed system was tested with dissolved gas analyzing result and the result was shown.


Expert System;Transformer;GIS;Knowledge Base;Monitoring;Inference


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