Estimation of the Properties for the $SiC-TiB_2$ Electroconductive Ceramic Composites by YAG and Porosity

YAG와 기공에 의한 $SiC-TiB_2$ 전도성세라믹 복합체의 특성 평가

  • 신용덕 (원광대 전기전자 및 정보공학부) ;
  • 이동윤 (원광대 전기전자 및 정보공학부 BK)
  • Published : 2001.11.01


The mechanical and electrical properties of the hot-pressed and pressureless annealed SiC-39vo1.%TiB$_2$electroconductive ceramic composites were investigated as functions of the liquid additives of $Al_2O_3+Y_2O_3$ and the sintering temperature. The result of phase analysis for the SiC-39vo1.%TiB$_2$ composites by XRD revealed $\alpha -SiC(6H),\; TiB_2,\; and YAG(Al_5Y_3O_{12})$ crystal phase. The relative density of SiC-39vo1.% $TiB_2$ composites was increased with increased $Al_2O_3+Y_2O_3$ contents. The fracture toughness showed the highest value of $7.8 MPa.m_{1/2}$ for composites added with 12 wt% $Al_2O_3+Y_2O_3$additives at $1750^{\circk}C$. The electrical resistivity of the SiC-39vo1.%$TiB_2$composites was all positive temperature coefficient resistance(PTCR) in the temperature range of $25S^{\circ}C \;to\; 700^{\circ}C$.


Electroconductive Ceramic;Liquid Additives;YAG;Relative Density;PTCR


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