Dielectric Properties of SCT Ceramics with the Sintering Temperature and the Thermal Treatment Time

소결온도와 열처리시간에 따른 SCT 세라믹스의 유전특성

  • Published : 2001.11.01


ln this paper, the $Sr_{l-x}Ca_xTiO_3(0\leqx\leq0.2)-based$ grain boundary layer ceramics were fabricated to measure dielectric properties with the sintering temperature and the thermal treatment time. The sintering temperature and time were $1420~15206{\circ}C$, 4hours, and the thermal treatment temperature and time of the specimen were $l150^{\circ}C$, 1, 2, 3hours, respectively. The structural and the dielectric properties were investigated by SEM, X-ray, HP4194A and K6517. The average grain size was increased with increasing the sintering temperature, but it decreased up to 15mo1% with increasing content of Ca. X-ray diffraction analysis results showed that all specimens were the cubic structure, and the main peaks were moved to right and the lattice constant were decreased with increasing content of Ca. The appropriate thermal treatment time and temperature of CuO to obtain dielectric properties of $\varepsilon_r>50000,\; tan \delta<0.05\; and \;\DeltaC<\pm10%$ were 2hrs and $l150^{\circ}C$, respectively.


grain boundary layer;the lattice constant;the thermal treatment time;the cubic structure


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