Identification and Antifungal Antagonism of Chryseomomas luteola 5042 against Phytophthora capsici

고추역병균 Phytophthora capsici의 생육을 저해하는 Chryseomonas luteola 5042의 선발과 항진균성 길항작용

  • 윤경현 (영남대학교 자연자원대학 응용미생물학과) ;
  • 이은탁 (영남대학교 자연자원대학 응용미생물학과) ;
  • 김상달 (영남대학교 자연자원대학 응용미생물학과)
  • Published : 2001.09.01


A powerful antagonistic bacterium against Phytophthora capsici causing phytophthora blight of red pepper was isolated from the cultivated soil in Kyongju Korea, The bilogical control mechanisms of the isolated strain were caused by strong antifungal antibiotic, siderophore and cellulase. The strain was identified as Chryseomonas luteola by the cultural morphological and physiological characteristics. The opti- mal culture medium for the antibiotic production was determined as follows : 0.15%D(+) cellobiose, 0.55% $NH_4$CI, 0.01% KCI 0.7% $K_2$$HPO_4$ 0.2% $KH_2$PO$_4$ and 0.5% sodium citrate at pH 7.0 The optimal incubation time was 84 hours at $30^{\circ}C$ In pot bioassay, the treatment of C luteola 5042 protected red pepper plant against the blight of Phytophthora capsici.


Antifungal antibiotic: Chryseomonas luteola 5042;Phytophthora capsici;red pepper blight


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