Technology Tree and Domestic Research Status of Satellite Remote-Sensing of the Earth

위성자료를 응용한 지구관측 분야의 기술분류와 국내 연구동향 파악

  • Published : 2001.09.01


In this review article, we produce a technology tree in the earth observation by remote sensing, which is the Level I technology in the tree. To define Level II technologies, we create a two-dimensional matrix of technologies viewed from methodology and application viewpoints. Consequently the following fields are selected: reception-archiving, atmosphere, ocean, land, GIS, and common technology. For each Level II technology, we extract half a dozen Level III and about 20-30 Level IV technologies. For each Level IV technology, we review the status of domestic research and the approaches for acquiring deficient technology in Korea. Also we survey foreign institutions specializing in the deficient technologies and the time when the deficient technologies are needed. Furthermore we assign priority technologies from the viewpoints of public need and economic benefits. The information given in this article would help understand and collaborate among different disciplines, be a useful guide to a beginner to remote sensing, and assist policy making.


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