Temporal and Spatial Variation of the Sea Surface Temperature Differences Derived from Argos Drifter Between Daytime and Nighttime in the Whole East Sea

위성추적 표류부이를 이용한 동해 표면수온의 주야간 온도차에 대한 중규모 시공간 변동

  • 서영상 (국립수산진흥원 원격탐사실) ;
  • 장이현 (국립수산진흥원 원격탐사실) ;
  • 이동규 (부산대학교 해양과학과)
  • Published : 2001.09.01


The daytime and nighttime sea surface temperature (SST) differences and their seasonal variabilities in the East Sea were studied using Argos drifters data during 1996~1999. The SST differences for 1,438 data set were derived from 30 Argos drifters related to the NOAA satellite-based location and data collection system. The horizontal variation of SST differences in summer in the East Sea were higher than those in winter. The relationship between the SST differences and the half day moving distances of Argos drifters was studied. Monthly SST difference in the northern and southern part of 38$^{\circ}$N in the East Sea was considered. The SST differences derived from NOAA-14 satellite were compared with those from Argos drifter between daytime and nighttime in the turbulent eddy off Wonsan coast of Korea.


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