Land Cover Classification of a Wide Area through Multi-Scene Landsat Processing

다량의 Landsat 위성영상 처리를 통한 광역 토지피복분류

  • Published : 2001.09.01


Generally, remote sensing is useful to obtain the quantitative and qualitative information of a wide area. For monitoring earth resources and environment, land cover classification of remotely sensed data are needed over increasingly larger area. The objective this study is to propose the process for land cover classification method over a wide area using multi-scene satellite data. Land cover of Korean peninsula was extracted from a Landsat TM and ETM+ mosaic created from 23 scenes at 100-meter resolution. Well-known techniques that used to general image processing and classification are applied to this wide area classification. It is expected that these process is very useful to promptly and efficiently grasp of small scale spatial information such as national territorial information.


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