Reduction Characteristics of AC Flashover Voltage by Combustion Flames under Atmospheric Conditions

대기중 연소화염에 의한 교류 플래시오버전압의 저하 특성

  • 김인식 (경일대학교 전기공학과)
  • Published : 2001.12.01


In this paper, reduction characteristics of the ac flashover voltage in the horizontal air gap of sphere-sphere/needle-needle electrode system were investigated when the combustion flame was present near the high-voltage electrodes. The voltage and current waveforms were measured, when the flashover is occurred, in order to examine the flashover polarity by flame. The reduction characteristics of ac flashover voltage were discussed with the thermal ionization process, the relative air density and the deflection phenomena in the shape of flames that changed by the corona wind and coulomb\`s force. As the results of an experimental investigation, It was found that the reduction of flashover voltages in sphere-sphere system, in comparison with the no-flame case, are 79.9 [%] for k=0, 82.9 [%] for k=0.5, 87.5 [%] for k=1.0, 85.0 [%] for h=0 [cm], 40.8 [%] for h=5 [cm] and 28.2 [%] for h=9 [cm] when ac voltage is applied.


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