Effects of Minute Pirate Bug, Orius strigicollis (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) on Control of Thrips on Hot Pepper in Greenhouse

하우스고추에서 Orius strigicollis Poppius를 이용한 총채벌레류 방제효과

  • 송정흡 (제주도농업기술원 농업환경과) ;
  • 강상훈 (제주도농업기술원 농업환경과) ;
  • 이광석 (제주도농업기술원 농업환경과) ;
  • 한원탁 (제주도농업기술원 농업환경과)
  • Published : 2001.09.01


Biological control of thrips with Orius strigicollis Poppius was evaluated in a hot pepper greenhouse. To study the biological control strategy of thrips on hot pepper grown in greenhouse, three plots were established: natural enemy removed plot(CNT), pesticide treated plot(PAT) and O. strigicollis released plot with no pesticide application (NRT). The nymphs of O. strigicollis were found on the leaves of lower stratum in CNT and NRT at 13 days after the first release. The density of thrips was suddenly dropped and maintained at low level since 15 day after transplanting in NRT. The densities of thrips on hot pepper flowers was also maintained at much less level in NRT than in CNT. The thrips and O. strigicollis, which were aggregated in flowers, may have resulted in improved predator searching. Average damage indices of CNT, PAT and NRT were 0.31, 0.05 and 0.08 and the percentage of damaged fruit were 80.0, 17.1 and 24.8% respectively. The damage index and percentage of damaged fruit of NRT was slightly higher than PAT, but very lower than CNT. The introduction of the adults of O. strigicollis, which was the biological control agent for the control of thrips, was effective on hot pepper.


Hot pepper;Orius strigicollis;Biological control;Orius strigicollis;Thrips