The Effect of Isoflavone Supplementation on Bone Metabolism in Ovariectomized SD Rats

이소플라본 보충이 난소절제 흰쥐의 골대사에 미치는 영향

  • Park, Young-Hee (Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Yonsei University) ;
  • Yoon, Sun (Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Yonsei University) ;
  • Chung, Soo-Youn (Dept. of Pharmacology, National Institute of Toxicological Research Korea Food and Drug Administration) ;
  • Yang, Seoung-Oh (Dept. of Radiology, Ulsan University Hospital, Ulsan University) ;
  • Yoo, Tae-Moo (Dept. of Pharmacology, National Institute of Toxicological Research Korea Food and Drug Administration) ;
  • Yang, Ji-Sun (Dept. of Pharmacology, National Institute of Toxicological Research Korea Food and Drug Administration) ;
  • Kwon, Dae-Joong (Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Yonsei University)
  • 박영희 (연세대학교 식품영양학과) ;
  • 윤선 (연세대학교 식품영양학과) ;
  • 정수연 (식품의약품안전청 국립독성연구소 일반약리과) ;
  • 양승오 (울산대학교 의과대학 울산대학병원 진단방사선과) ;
  • 유태무 (식품의약품안전청 국립독성연구소 일반약리과) ;
  • 양지선 (식품의약품안전청 국립독성연구소 일반약리과) ;
  • 권대중 (연세대학교 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 2001.08.01


Osteoporosis that is associated with ovarian hormone deficiency following menopause (postmenopausal osteoporosis) is by far the most common cause of age-related bone loss. Isoflavone has been reported as a natural substance that possibly minimizes bone loss in postmenopausal women. This study was conducted to investigate the preventing, treating effects of isoflavone on bone loss in ovariectomized rats. 120 Sprague Dawley rats of 13 week-old were devided into 2 groups, a treatment group and prevention group. Each group was consisted of six subgroups; control (CON), sham operated (SH) or ovariectomized (OVX) and isoflavone supplemented goups: OVX+0.25mg isoflavone/kg diet (OL), OVX+0.8mg isoflavone/kg diet(OM) and OVX+2.5mg isoflavone/kg diet(OH). to study the preventing effects of isoflavone on bone loss, OL, OM and OH groups were fed with isoflavone from 4 days after ovariectomization. Treating effects of isoflavone on bone metabolism were investigated with OL, OM, OH groups supplemented with isoflavone from 8 weeks after ovariectomization. Isoflavone supplementation continued for 8 weeks. At 8 weeks after ovariectomization significant increase in alkaline phosphatase occurred comparing with CON and SH group. By isoflavone supplementation from 4 days after ovariectomy alkaline phosphatase and urinary hydroxyproline were lowered and bone mineral density, bone strength of the femur and tibia and bone dry weight were slightly enhanced with no significant difference. Isoflavone supplemented group at the level of 0.8mg/kg diet (OM group) had significantly lower serum alkaline phosphatase, urinary hydroxyproline, and higher strength of femur than OVX group. Groups with isoflavone supplementation fro 8 weeks after ovariectomy had lower level of serum alkaline phosphatase, urinary hydroxyproline than OVX group. Bone mineral density, bone dry weight and bone strength of the femur and tibia were slightly enhanced by isoflavone supplementation. However there was no significanct difference between OVS ad isoflavone supplementation groups. The results suggest that isoflavone might have potential role for preventing postmenopausal bone loss. Isoflavone supplementation at early stage of postemenopause may be beneficial to age-related bone health.


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