Landscape Management and Educational Programs for Citizens

  • Published : 2001.10.01


Regional development and community design has become very important these days. Especially in Hyogo Prefecture after the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake, voluntary works have become more popular. With citizen participation, environmental circumstances change a lot. It is becoming very difficult for municipal governments alone to achieve every desirable project. NPOs made of professional members in the Hanshin area have conducted notable activities after the earthquake. At the same time it is necessary also to educate citizens for community design with greenery. These people will support their town design along with professionals. Awaji Landscape and Horticulture Planning Academy provides an excellent educational program, an introduction and examination of which should be valuable. The main concept of the education program is to foster the growth of local community design leaders. Students appreciated the programs very much even if initially they expected a more practical program about planting than programs that teach community design. Many people are active in their own towns to create better environments and communities. The network system "Alpha Green-Net" is functional to support graduates of the course. In the future these educational programs for citizens will becomes very important. Other cities are starting to have their own progrms, but they are still very short term. "Alpha Green-Net" is in the process of growing. Many members are very keen to develop their own abilities. In the future these NPOs should become independent. To help these NPOs become independent and active the educational programs should consider and teach about how to do this more in the future.


  1. Motohiro Shiotani Mayumi Hayashi
  2. The Research of on the culture and industry of gardening in Hyogo Prefecture Society for a creative 21st century in Hyogo