Surface Properties of Epoxy Composites by Plasma Treatment

플라즈마처리에 따른 에폭시 복합재료의 표면특성

  • Published : 2001.10.01


In this study performed to identify a degradation mechanism in macromolecular insulating material, the contact angel, surface potential decay, surface resistivity, and XPS analysis were compared after exposure of FRP laminate to plasma discharge. In the case of contact angle, the surface of specimen untreated showed weak hydrophobic property of 73。. However, the contact angle was decreased to 20。in the plasma-treated specimen. In the case of chemical changes arising form plasma treatment, carboxl radicals were generated mainly in the surface treated, which was rapidly changed to the hydrophilic one. In the corona potential decay study to determine the electrical changes of the surface, positive charges were rapidly decreased when compared with negative charges, leading to negative property in the surface of specimen not treated. However, in the case of the hydrophilic surface, lots of carboxl radicals acting as positive polarity were generated, resulting in positive surface. Owing to such positive surface, charges of negative polarity applied were rapidly decreased.


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