Microstructure and Properties of $(Sr_{0.85}Ca_{0.15})TiO_3$ Thin Film with Annealing Temperature

열처리온도에 따른 $(Sr_{0.85}Ca_{0.15})TiO_3$박막의 구조 및 특성

  • 김진사 (광운대학교 전기공학과) ;
  • 조춘남 (광운대학교 전기공학과) ;
  • 신철기 (광운대학교 전기공학과) ;
  • 최운식 (대불대학교 전기공학과) ;
  • 김충혁 (광운대학교 전기공학과) ;
  • 이준웅 (한국전기전자재료학회 상임명예회장)
  • Published : 2001.10.01


The (S $r_{0.85}$C $a_{0.15}$)Ti $O_{3}$(SCT) thin films are deposited on Pt-coated electrode (Pt/TiN/ $SiO_2$/Si) using RF sputtering method. The composition of SCT thin films deposited on Si substrate at woom temperature is close to stoichiometry(1.102 in A/B ratio). The maximum dielectric constant of SCT thin films is obtained by annealing at 600[$^{\circ}C$]. The capacitance characteristics had a stable value within $\pm$4[%]. The drastic decrease of dielectric constant and increase of dielectric loss in SCT thin films is observed above 200[kHz]. SCT thin films used in this study show the phenomena of dielectric relaxation with the increase of frequencey.cey.


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