Two New Speies of the Genus Psammocinia(Dictyoceratida, Irchiniidae) from korea

한국 모래해면속 (망각해면목, 가는실해면과)의 2신종

  • Published : 2001.10.01


Two new species of the genus Psammocinia (Dictyoceratida, Irciniidae), P. bergquisti n. sp. and P. gageoensis n. sp., are described from Gageodo Island (Sohuksando Island), Korea. P. bergquisti n. sp. is characterized by the thumb like appearance and secondary fibre which makes a broad plate or secondary web while other known species in Psammocinia has many narrow and simple secondary fibres. P. gageoensis n. sp. is very similar to P. mosulpia Sim 1998 in shape, but primary fibre of the new species has more complex fascicles and it is difficult to see the detritus in the fibre. The primary fibre of this new species is cored with the smaller sand than that of P. mosulpia.


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