Tubular Structures on the Guticle of Two Gordius Species (Nematomprpha, Gordopodea, Gprdoodae_ from Korea and New Zealand

한국 및 뉴질랜드산 철선충류(유선형동물문, 철선충목, 철선충과) 2종의 표피 관상구조

  • Published : 2001.10.01


We describe tubular structures on the cuticle of two representatives of the genus Gordius by scanning electron microscopy. One female from Korea could not be identified further while a male from New Zealand belonged to Gordius paranensis. Other male specimens of G. paranensis did not show tubular structures or the corresponding pores on the cuticle. Therefore it is assumed that tubular structures are not species-specific structures, but also no artifacts or contaminations. They might be glandular products, but this has to be verified by further documentations and investigation of the inner structure of it.


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