Comparison between Asynchronous and Synchronous Linear Motors as to Thermal Behavior

  • Eun, In-Ung (Machine Tool Research Center, Changwon National University)
  • Published : 2001.09.01


A linear motor has a lot of advantages in comparison with conventional feed mechanisms: high transitional speed, acceleration, high control performance and good positioning at high speed. Through the omission of a power transfer element, the linear motor shows no wear and no backlash, has along lifetime and is easy to assemble. Recently, the two types of linear motors, asynchronous and synchronous linear motors, are often applied to machine tools as a fast feed mechanism. In this paper, a comparison between the two types of linear motors as to power loss and thermal behavior is made. The heat sources of the linear motor-the electrical power loss in the motor and the frictional heat on the linear guidance-are measured and compared. Also, the temperature on the linear motor and machine structure is measured and presented.