• Anatoly A.Kilbas
  • Published : 2001.11.01


The paper is devoted to the study of fractional integration and differentiation on a finite interval [a, b] of the real axis in the frame of Hadamard setting. The constructions under consideration generalize the modified integration $\int_{a}^{x}(t/x)^{\mu}f(t)dt/t$ and the modified differentiation ${\delta}+{\mu}({\delta}=xD,D=d/dx)$ with real $\mu$, being taken n times. Conditions are given for such a Hadamard-type fractional integration operator to be bounded in the space $X^{p}_{c}$(a, b) of Lebesgue measurable functions f on $R_{+}=(0,{\infty})$ such that for c${\in}R=(-{\infty}{\infty})$, in particular in the space $L^{p}(0,{\infty})\;(1{\le}{\le}{\infty})$. The existence almost every where is established for the coorresponding Hadamard-type fractional derivative for a function g(x) such that $x^{p}$g(x) have $\delta$ derivatives up to order n-1 on [a, b] and ${\delta}^{n-1}[x^{\mu}$g(x)] is absolutely continuous on [a, b]. Semigroup and reciprocal properties for the above operators are proved.


Hadamard-type fractional integration and differentiation;weighted spaces of summable and absolutely continuous functions


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