Characteristics of Slurry Filter for Reduction of CMP Slurry-induced Micro-scratch

CMP 공정에서 마이크로 스크래치 감소를 위한 슬러리 필터의 특성

  • Published : 2001.07.01


Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process has been widely used to planarize dielectric layers, which can be applied to the integraded circuits for sub-micron technology. Despite the increased use of CMP process, it is difficult to accomplish the global planarization of in the defect-free inter-level dielectrics (ILD). Especially, defects such as micro-scratch lead to severe circuit failure which affect yield. CMP slurries can contain particles exceeding 1㎛ in size, which could cause micro-scratch on the wafer surface. The large particles in these slurries may be caused by particles agglomeration in slurry supply line. To reduce these defects, slurry filtration method has been recommended in oxide CMP. In this work, we have studied the effects of filtration and the defect trend as a function of polished wafer count using various filters in inter-metal dielectrics(IMD)-CMP process. The filter installation in CMP polisher could reduce defects after IMD-CMP process. As a result of micro-scratch formation, it is shown that slurry filter plays an important role in determining consumable pad lifetime. The filter lifetime is dominated by the defects. We have concluded that slurry filter lifetime is fixed by the degree of generating defects.


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